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Teen Tumbling 

Coed, Ages 13-18

This class is a fusion of cheerleading and gymnastics. You will learn all the basics of tumbling from our Teen Tumbling classes.  From a starting handstand, cartwheel and roundoff to backhandsprings, tucks and fulls, our safety certified instructors can teach it all.  With in-ground tramps, two foam pits and training tools galore, this is THE place if you want to improve your tumbling for cheer!

Tricked Out

This class is a combination of martial arts movements with tumbling and twisting skills. Students will have the opportunity to utilize our spring loaded floors as well as our Double Mini Trampoline, TumblTrak, and In-Ground Trampoline. They will also get to learn tumbling skills from the spring floor and trampolines into our state-of-the-art foam pit!