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18 - 36 Months


My Tumbling Toddler and Me


18 months – 36 months

This 45-minute class is filled with plenty of smiles and laughter.  What a great way to connect with your child and other parents while your toddler gets the play time they crave so much.  A parent or caregiver jumps right into the excitement, actively assisting their little ones as our cheerful and caring instructors lead circle time, obstacle course, songs, trampoline time, and more.  Check out our available class times here.

My Tumbling Toddler and Me:

  • Plants the seed for a lifelong love of fitness
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Gently introduces concepts such as taking turns and listening to instruction
  • Provides a padded, spacious and safe environment for toddlers to jump, hop, spin, roll and burn a little of that endless energy!