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3 - 4 Years


Fantastic Flippers & Be One Preschool Movement through Music

3 & 4 year olds

Got a toddler on the move?  This is the perfect choice for your rambunctious child’s growing independence.  Come join us for an hour long, action-packed class where the parents get to watch as our enthusiastic instructors lead the fun.  Toddlers go head over heels with delight as they learn basic gymnastics skills broken down into pieces for easier skill acquisition on our toddler-sized equipment.  Weekly themes are seamlessly integrated into class time, making learning fun.  Wildly popular with our young students, your little one will be looking forward to coming all week.  

Fantastic Flippers:

  • Get a jump start on your child’s balance, coordination, strength and gross motor skills (also builds a strong foundation for other sports in the future)
  • Builds social skills and develops friendships in a positive environment
  • Gain confidence… from the feeling of accomplishment from climbing to the top of the rope to the excitement that comes from learning that first cartwheel
  • Aides in preschool readiness with the incorporation of numbers, letters, colors and concepts such as taking turns and listening to instructions
Be One Preschool Movement through Music:
  • Ms. Kim's classes bring the fundamentals of gymnastics while promoting agility, flexibility and strength building in a consistent and developmental plan
  • Younger athletes will enjoy the fun, animated and high energy classes with music through movement while older athletes will appreciate high level skill development through drills and goal setting. 
  • This class differs from Fantastic Flippers by using music to help children navigate through the class creating an atmosphere everyone wants to join in on. The music involves cues for the children to learn and develop fine motor skill to improve overall in their strength and staying in tune,