Discover PowerKids

Our Facility

PowerKids Center is a 14,000 square foot fitness and activity center for kids and adults! Our facility has not one, not two, but THREE trampolines; one of which is a full 40 feet of bouncy fun!  We've built our trampolines to be flush with the ground, so parents can rest easy knowing there are absolutely no raised surfaces to worry about.  Speaking of fun, your kids will be raving about our two in-ground foam pit systems!  What's a foam pit you ask?  It's a huge pool or 'pit' of soft foam blocks that kids love to jump into. Our foam pits are directly connected to our trampolines. 

Have a high-school cheerleader wanting to learn a backhandspring for tryouts?  We have two full spring-floors and training mats galore!  Have a toddler just starting out?  We have safe padded surfaces all over the gym along with kid-sized equipment to roll on, climb up and swing on.  Want to be a gymnast?  We have all the best equipment to teach you vault, bars, beam and floor.