Meet the Staff

Alison Vaughn
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Alison Vaughn


Alison brings 17 years of gymnastics coaching experience through the International Elite level, with over 75 state, regional & national champions as well as TOPs National Team Members.  She moved to Palm Desert in 2006 from Arizona, where she worked at a gymnastics facility as Program Director and coach.  There she was nominated AZ Choreographer of the Year and AZ Coach of the Year; coached at the Junior Olympic National Championships, US Classic and Visa Championships; and earned her certification as a level 10 judge.  After moving to the desert, she worked as a Media and Events Marketing Manager before coming back to gymnastics in 2010.   

She currently coaches the level 7 and higher athletes for our Aftershock Gymnastics Team.  When her watchful-eye is off from her team duties, you may catch her "Shaking Her Sillies Out" with a preschool group, high-fiving passer-bys or scheming up fun activities for our PowerKids. Her favorite job of all? Helping out with the development our awesome, enthusiastic staff.

Her and husband Rolland welcomed their daughter, Sawyer Grace, on their second wedding anniversary in 2011.  Sawyer Grace can often be seen out in the gym with Mommy, twirling during a pretend floor routine, waving down a coach for help swinging the bars, smiling at her fellow PowerKids, or even "working" the office with her favorite honorary Aunt, Jeannette.



Loves: My family, the holiday season, traveling, dance and the arts

Little Known Facts: Love to snow ski

Favorite Book: Wooden

Favorite Movie: "It's A Wonderful Life"

Favorite Quote: "Success is peace of mind that is the direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming" -John Wooden and Psalm 20:4

Claim To Fame: I can throw a pretty mean party

Struggles With: I watch Dance Moms. I love the Dallas Cowboys, despite their recent losing ways.

Hidden Talent: Cooking!

I have lived in these states: Texas, Washington, North Carolina, Arizona and California

 Biggest Accomplishment: Marrying my husband, who is an amazing person, and the birth of our daughter. Being a business owner.

Future Goals: Have a boat, learn to sail

Nicknames: Ali